#Bilderberg in the context of #capitalism and the #economy

Bilderberg attendees arriving under cover

Bilderberg 2013 attendees arriving under cover

The usually low-key, largely ignored annual Bilderberg meeting took place this year at the glamourous Grove Hotel in glamourous Watford.

‘Activists’, ‘ex’-spooks, unexposed spooks and various well-established ‘alternative’ media superstars — including the usual suspects like Alex Jones and David Icke — rocked-up for the Bilderberg Fringe Festival and to scoop-up the search engine results of anyone whose interest might have been piqued by talk of a shadowy, off-the-record meeting of the richest and most powerful ruling class individuals on the planet.

It would be possible to spend many hours listening to white-supremacist Alex Jones’ rabid frothing against decontextualised ‘elites’, or several days having your brain washed by one of David Icke‘s infinite peace, infinite love, infinite consciousness, infinite Powerpoint presentations, and still learn less about the nature, intent and purpose of Bilderberg than you would by spending under a minute listening to the opening of a Jon Holmes piece on BBC Radio 4‘s The Now Show.

Jon Holmes, BBC Radio 4 – The Now Show – Bilderberg (featuring Alex Jones)

What does it say about the state of contemporary political analysis when the most accurate political and contextual analysis of all comes, in-passing, from a comedian on a current affairs comedy show?*

Bilderberg … Where the world’s most influential and powerful people all go once a year, in secret, to shape the economic and capitalist future of the world. — Jon Holmes

* Michael Meacher MP aside.

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