The Inherent Risks of Banking & Capitalism

bank_of_england-creating_money_out_of_thin_air“We need to recognise that all banking, whether it’s retail or so-called casino or investment banking, does some have some inherent risks, that’s very much the nature of capitalism.”

Mark Field
Conservative MP for the Cities of London and Westminster
BBC Radio 4 – World at One, 21/12/2012


  1. conrad turner · · Reply

    Antag – hoping you get this link before it dies – lily’s dad made a movie us brits cannot see.

  2. conrad turner · · Reply

    gah this blog doesn’t like links – Antag – check j/7 blog interesting videos thread,or conspiraloon alliance comments

  3. Thanks, CT, much appreciated. The WordPress spam filter is a little unforgiving of anything that looks spammy (basically, anything with a link in it). You should be OK to post now that you’ve had previous comments approved.

    Managed to catch ‘Unlawful Killing’ before some keen Web Sheriff types set about ensuring that nobody sees it.

    Glad there’s still a copy online for folk to watch, so thanks for digging a link out.

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