The power of omission is dead

One of the things the media, even at a national level, still does not seem to have grasped, is that their major power (and perhaps their most serious cultural failing) namely the power of omission, is dead.

Let’s be clear – the power of the British media is simply immense, absolutely immense.

For all the fears, some justified, some not, the British media has of a post-Leveson world, in order to be reasonably confident of retaining their freedom, influence – and respect – the mainstream media has to wake up to a whole new paradigm.

That paradigm is this:

The editorial “freedom” that the media used to enjoy – to pick and chose what stories it would not run – that freedom to “omit” – that great power to filter  the very type of stories to be published, and thus control the terms of debate – is gone.

Gone forever.

The World Wide Web has killed it; killed that power of omission, stone-dead.

From the most excellent blog of Jersey ex-Senator Stuart Syvret.

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