Missiles on the Blocks – A Response

Here’s a comment left on a 99% excellent blog post on Beat Knowledge about the militarisation of Olympic London at the behest of the corrupt and criminal political and ruling classes currently imbroiled in so many fiascos that nobody can quite keep up with all of them.

Do please read the original post to which the article below was a response:

A couple of things….First up, austerity measures? Austerity certainly doesn’t apply in the case of the Olympics, for which the rapidly spiraling costs are headed towards a total spend of £24,000,000,000. I could have written £24 billion, but it looks more like the figure that it is with a string of 9 zeroes attached. Add that to the ~1,000,000,000,000 (£1 trillion) gifted to bust banks and it seems like a drop in the (drought-fuelled) ocean.

Luckily for the Olympics, money is created out of thin air so there’s plenty of cash for transitory spectacles that uproot locals and remove public spaces like Hackney Marshes, only to replace them with shopping centres and car parks and standing arsenals of weaponry and security personnel that are unlikely to just disappear when the three-week spectacle is over. Hospitals, schools, kids who want meals and essential public services can go whistle in the austerity wind, while the State bails out bust banks and channels billions of hastily-invented, quantitively-eased and squeezed fictional money in the direction of various vested private security interests.

I appreciate the way in which you challenge the ‘narrative’ of the Olympics, but am not so impressed by your falling back on the so called ‘Jihadi with a suitcase’ ‘narrative’ as the de facto standard terror threat that everyone apparently faces. But I can see how that might happen given that the Olympics has carried that threat-baggage since the announcement of the Olympic bid winners on 6th July 2005, along with the the euphoria that followed for a few short hours before, allegedly, four jihadis with suitcases (actually, rucksacksvaporised themselves on three trains and a bus, managing to leave behind not a trace of themselves or the never-before-seen explosives that they are alleged to have used.

“But there’s CCTV!” everyone cries. There isn’t.

“But they made suicide videos!”  They didn’t.

Looking back over the 7 years between 7/7 and now, from the position of being in 2012, it’s easy to see how those who swallowed the unsubstantiated and unproven 7/7 narrative and the travesty of justice that was the inquest process, along with all the mostly fictional terror, largely intelligence fabricated transatlantic ‘jihadi’ plotsbuilt on footage of Muslims rolling around with sticks and being summoned to Special Branch and ‘intelligence’ established storage facilities to gaze incredulously at fertilizer, are wont to think that missiles in everyone’s lofts, just in case, is a good idea.

Why challenge everything but the ‘jihadi with a suitcase’ narrative?

Especially when the reality is, as various UK/European examples and Anders Behring Breivik show, that the far greater threat emanates, as ever, from the far-right that always manages to slip under the radar while everyone is probing every beard, burka and brown-skin in sight.

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